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I'd like to give my mother one of your books, but it would embarrass her if she knew they were designed for people with dementia. Do your books mention anything about that?

Absolutely not! We want you to be able to give our books to your loved ones without fear that they'll be embarrassed or offended, so our books NEVER mention anything about Alzheimer's, dementia, or any other challenge they may be facing. We want them to be engaged in the content, not reminded of their limitations. Our books are small, manageable, "coffee table" books they'll be happy to receive.


Would someone who doesn't have dementia be interested in your books?

According to what our customers tell us, the answer is yes! Everyone loves a picture book about a subject they're interested in. But our books don’t pander to seniors or those with dementia. People of all ages and abilities buy our books because they’re high-quality, engaging, and interesting.


We publish over 100 high-quality books in multiple categories, so we have something for everyone. Sunny Street books also make great gifts throughout the year for just about anyone on your list.

You can browse our books here to find one you'll love.


There are a lot of picture books out there. Why are yours better choices for someone with dementia?

Most picture books on the market are designed in one of two ways: Either they're meant for children and therefore have childish images and text, or they're large, heavy books with a lot of small-print text.


In contrast, our books are lightweight and proportioned in such a way that older hands can easily manage them, and they have minimal text (or no text at all) so seniors with dementia can enjoy the photos without distraction.


When we began Sunny Street Books, we knew we had a valuable product to offer, but we had no idea the tremendous response we would receive from our customers about how these books enhance the lives of their loved ones. You can read some of their testimonials here.

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